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State Division

2017 State Teams

Each team is comprised of up to three members, age 18 or older, who are current residents of Illinois. Line drawings of each team’s sculpture are submitted at time of application, and block assignments are done by lottery.

"Mrs. o'leary and her cow

Block 1: windy city snowmen

Captain: Kim McCombs
Mike Dillon, Doreen Elrad

"brain freeze"

BLOCK 2: snow beards

Captain: Jared Corey
Tyler Shacklee, Michael Solon

"Looks like It's over"

BLOCK 3: frosted flakes

Captain: Bruce Quast
Steve Larson, Michael Rathburn

"the huntress"

BLOCK 4: chilly trio

Captain(s): George Harnish, Fran Volz
Danica Rogers

"Cy-bear attack"

BLOCK 5: band of misfit boys

Captain: Keith Pliml
Dan Berry, Scott Triplett

"How jane broke her leg"

BLOCK 6: cavemen from space

Captain: Kyle Wolfe
Brian Hierstein


EXHIBITION: quatsch-men

Captain: Peter Hermann
Jack Gerard, Lynden Bute


BLOCK 7: bipolar bears

Captain: Amy Sticha
Joe Goral, Kelly Madison

"ice-o-metric eclectic"

BLOCK 8: frieze masons

Captain: Christopher Hansen
Sergio Aguilar, Ryan Ehredt

"icy weiner"

BLOCK 9: freezing our buns off

Captain: Brett Calomino
Kristopher Heinekamp, Sean Heinekamp

"lunker bass"

BLOCK 10: family of mann

Captain: Lunker Bass
Christopher Mann, Ellen Mann, Mike Mann